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Latest news on Big Cass' injury status



Big Cass broke off from Enzo Amore and their feud was supposed to be squashed on the Raw following SummerSlam 2017 but instead, Big Cass finished off his knee and needed to go under the knife to repair a destroyed ACL.

After months of rehab and fighting to make a return, Big Cass finally received his welcome back to WWE and it was in a pretty great way as he was immediately pushed into a big match feud with Daniel Bryan. Of course, the product of their matches has been less than desirable so far especially considering Daniel Bryan's skills. But they seem to be keeping up with it anyway.

Big Cass was selling his knee during a majority of the European tour in order to put over Daniel Bryan's attack so most people thought nothing of it. But when Cass was seen walking with the assistance of crutches the following week on SmackDown Live after being pulled from a Money In The Bank qualifying match, some people got a little concerned.

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Other reports of his possible injury status made some fans nervous as well. But it looks like waiting to see how things turned out for him was the best possible way to deal with the situation.

PW Insider reports Big Cass is scheduled to be on the road with WWE this week. This is great news for Colin Cassady because it likely means his ACL isn't wrecked again requiring surgery.

After all, the last thing he needs is to be labeled as injury prone even if you're 7-feet-tall you can't unteach that once it's gotten into Vince McMahon's mind about someone.