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The latest on CM Punk in the WWE locker room is that while a large part of the WWE locker room was sympathetic towards Punk in the beginning when he first walked out,  that apparently does not seem to be the case. Many in the locker room now are critical of Punk for the way things have played out over the last couple of months. One source said that they understood Punk’s position but he could have made the effort to meet with WWE when they were in Chicago and there are guys on the roster that would do anything to have been in the spot that Punk was getting at WrestleMania. Punk was the original opponent for Triple H.

While Triple H won’t admit it to anyone, it’s been said that he was very offended that Punk didn’t want to work with him at WrestleMania. Some of the comments on Raw directed at Daniel Bryan about disrespecting the family were said to be things Stephanie was saying for real backstage about CM Punk.

So if Punk ever returns to WWE it would have to be up to Vince McMahon since Triple H and Stephanie McMahon aren’t going to be so quick to welcome him back.

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