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Latest on Jeff Hardy’s new contract with WWE

While it’s publicly known and confirmed that Jeff Hardy has signed a new deal with WWE, news on the length of the contract has only been rumored up to this point.

Hardy confirmed in an interview with BT Sport that he had signed a new contract with WWE. Part of the new deal was for him to be able to use his old “No More Words” theme song.

Dave Meltzer noted on an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio last week that Hardy’s previous deal was supposed to expire in a couple of months and he wasn’t exactly sure about the length of the deal, but typically WWE likes to sign wrestlers to a three or five-year deal. reported today that the new contract has time added on due to injury-related inactivity that he dealt with during his previous contract. It was noted that the new deal “is closer to 2-3 years total in length.”

Hardy also confirmed in the interview with BT Sport that his previous theme song will return when WWE is able to have fans back at their shows. This hasn’t been the case since the COVID-19 pandemic began earlier this year that forced WWE to hold empty arena shows and untimely transform the Amway Center into the ThunderDome.

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