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Backstage news on what people in WWE are saying about Roman Reigns

It’s well known that Roman Reigns isn’t on WWE television right now and it appears he won’t be until he decides to make a return.

Reigns, who hasn’t been seen on WWE programming since before WrestleMania 36 where he pulled out of his scheduled Universal Championship Match against Goldberg, has given his explanation as to why he’s been absent.

Reigns said the decision to take time off from WWE was more about his family and not because he has a weakened immune system due to his battle with leukemia.

In an update, Sean Ross Sapp reported in Fightful Select on Saturday a source told him that Reigns “does not seem in any rush to return, and nobody here faults him for it.” The source stated that there’s still no indication if or when a return could happen has been given. He’ll back when he decides to make a return, which is why Reigns is not figured into plans creatively at this point.

Another source stated how Reigns is going to make over a thousand dollars on Cameo every day. Thus, it appears that he’s not hurting for money right now. There’s said to be no indication that Reigns has been pressured to return.

Also, several high-ranking officials in the company were not told the reason for Reigns being edited out of the Seth Rollins’ Money in the Bank cash-in video package that aired a few weeks ago.

To watch Reigns comment on his WWE absence, click here.


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