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Latest on Tegan Nox suffering a torn ACL



WWE confirmed on Wednesday that NXT star Tegan Nox is on the sidelines with a torn ACL. 

This is the third time that she tore an ACL as she previously tore the ligament in both knees. The first time happened in 2017 and then again in 2018. 

WWE had Candice LeRae attack Nox last week on NXT as a storyline explanation for Nox getting the surgery done to fix the injury. She has since had surgery and is expected to be out of action for several months with her likely return to be sometime in 2021. 

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The injury was discussed by Dave Meltzer on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer stated that she didn’t suffer the injury while wrestling or even training, but rather when she was doing rehab. 

"No not at all especially since this wasn’t in a match or even in practice. It happened in rehab, essentially. It’s like it just popped.”

Bryan Alvarez asked if she tore the ACL in rehab. 

Meltzer responded, “Pretty much yeah. It wasn’t in training or anything. They didn’t think anything was wrong, but something went wrong and they checked and it was a torn ACL. I’m going to guess it didn’t heal properly, I don’t know that, I’m not a doctor. They found something wrong when they did the MRI.”