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Latest on the WWE Hall of Fame names and who will induct them

Since Diamond Dallas Page is inducting Jake "The Snake" Roberts into the WWE Hall of Fame then that would leave Kevin Nash to induct Scott Hall. Nash is not confirmed but it's the most logical choice. Nash will also be in town for Wresltecon.

The Ultimate Warrior asked Linda McMahon to induct him. As we mentioned before, Warrior was very close with the McMahons in the early 90s and he considered them as family so Linda is a good choice.

Paul Bearer's inductor is not official but you'd have to assume that it would be The Undertaker even though Undertaker doesn't attend Hall of Fame ceremonies because he wants to protect the character but if this is the year he should break from that. Bearer noted before his death that he wanted to go in the same year as Undertaker.

Carlos Colon will be inducted by his Eddie Colon (Diego of Los Matadores), nephew Orlando Colon (Epico of Los Matadores), and his son Carlito Colon.

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Lita will be inducted by Trish Stratus.

I believe Hulk Hogan will induct Mr. T but Roddy Piper would be a good choice too.