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Latest update from The Young Bucks hints at Kevin Owens' departure from WWE



The Young Bucks continue to drop hints that make it look like Kevin Owens will be joining them in All Elite Wrestling in early 2022.

The Young Bucks updated their profile to say "mrow." That is a reference to the Mount Rushmore of Wrestling faction that included Owens, Adam Cole, Matt and Nick Jackson. Also, Cole included the #MROW hashtag in a tweet in 2016 before he started in WWE NXT.

Owens' WWE contract is set to expire at the end of January and there is nothing indicating that he plans on staying. At this point, all signs point to him making the move to AEW. Since his contract expires at the end of January, he could appear on AEW TV as soon as February 1st.

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Last night on Raw, Owens said during his promo that he wanted to give the fans "something to remember" and it did not matter if it was for "three more months or three more years."

The "three months" line appears to be a reference to the time remaining on his contract. Big E responded by saying that there could only be one face of Raw and "this isn't Mount Rushmore."

Losing Owens would be a big loss for WWE but a jump to AEW could be a fresh start for him as he is likely going to be given more creative freedom. Several former WWE stars have vented about their time in WWE and how stifled they felt by the creative direction. Owens hasn't spoken out and is not expected to say anything negative while under contract with WWE but his start-and-stop pushes are unlikely to end if he decided to stay with the company.