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Latest updates on tonight’s Survivor Series surprises

As we first reported yesterday, Randy Orton is in St. Louis. He was with his father at a restaurant yesterday afternoon. He does live in the area so there’s always a chance that he’s just there because he lives there but it’s more likely that WWE uses him on the show as a surprise for the home crowd. It would make sense for him to get involved in the main event somehow.

Roman Reigns flew from an appearance at Reno, Nevada to St. Louis and he’s expected to be at the show. I still do not know if he will appear or if he’ll just be backstage at the show. Regardless, he should be back very soon because he’s advertised for house shows and the TLC pay-per-view in December.

Sting is in St. Louis and is meeting with Vince McMahon this afternoon. Again, unless WWE changes their mind (they would be crazy to do that), he is scheduled to be on the show tonight. This would be his first official WWE appearance. The stuff he did before was not booked by WWE. The WWE 2K15 stuff was booked by 2K Sports and not WWE.

Chris Jericho, who is known to mess around with the internet posted the following:

It’s worth noting that even though WWE has not officially commented on any of the surprises for tonight, they are absolutely thrilled with the last minute buzz for this show because it will help get more people to sample the WWE Network.

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