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Latest WWE NXT video teases what the new arena will look like for weekly shows



The latest WWE NXT teaser that aired on Friday Night SmackDown appears to be a teaser for the new look for the show.

The teaser, seen below, shows brief shots of an arena that is presumably the reconstructed Performance Center. Based on the clip below, it looks like more seats have been added. Given how small the building is, they might have had to tear down the wall that separates the main area from the gym. If that is the case then it would have a bigger feel to the fans watching at home.

One of the criticisms about NXT at the Performance Center has been that the place looks so small on TV. Vince McMahon and others in the company have said that the show looks too dark and the plan is for a complete revamp when they return live on September 14.

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Check out the latest NXT teaser with the new logo below.