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Laurel Van Ness is sick of fans chanting Zack Ryder’s name during her matches

Chelsea Green has had a breakthrough year in pro wrestling. Her role as Laurel Van Ness on Impact Wrestling is one of the bright spots on their TV show and the sky is the limit for her. I would not be surprised if she eventually landed in WWE. She also wrestles on the independent scene and has been able to make a name for herself under her real name. Unfortunately, even though women’s wrestling has come a long way from the Attitude Era days, there are still a few fans that say stupid things at shows. She discussed that and many other topics during a recent interview with

On fans who yell sexist comments during women’s matches:

“One that sticks out to me was when I was wrestling Nicole Matthews in Vancouver. I was very new and there was some very sexual comments made by a couple of drunk fans. As we were wrestling, Nicole stopped and said something to them.

It did the trick, they stopped what they were saying. There’s such a fine line between letting it affect you, but staying silent about it. I don’t think it’s right to yell at a female like that, it is our place of work and we’re trying to entertain you. Freedom of speech, sure, but to an extent – you have to be respectful, we are humans and we’re working essentially for you.

I do have a time when I hear things in the ring, but me personally I try to ignore it because I find a lot of people are trying to get your attention by screaming profanities or saying sexual things towards women.

But I have a limit as much as anyone else, and if someone did cross that line, I think I would have to say something at the time.”

On fans chanting Zack Ryder’s name during her matches:

“This is very different from the sexual comments, but another thing that makes me frustrated, and I get this a lot, is that I do get a lot of people doing my boyfriends chants at me.

To me, that is very disrespectful and I don’t think people understand that. I have nothing to do with my boyfriend when I step into the ring. I’m not defined by my relationship or who my boyfriend is or where he works.

So it’s very disrespectful when a fan does his chants because he’s not putting in the work in that ring, I am, so sometimes when people do the Zack Ryder chants it really affects me, and I have said some things to people.

You have to figure out, do they want your attention? And if they do, don’t give it to them, do not give them what they want.”

Also, during the interview, she talked more about her wrestling career, living in England, her first national TV exposure on WWE Raw as Megan Miller in 2014, breaking her collarbone, wrestling in different countries, and more. Read more at

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