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Lawsuit filing reveals why Vince McMahon relaunched XFL

The revival of the XFL is quickly approaching as we are less than one year away from the relaunch of the football league as it will start on the weekend after next year’s Super Bowl.

The belief is that the second attempt by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon with football will be different from the original league that launched in 2001. Since the relaunch of the league, there has been speculation as to why now was the perfect time in the mind of McMahon to bring it back.

Sports Business Reporter Darren Rovell shed some light on this when he noted on his Twitter account that Robert Vanech filed a lawsuit against the Alliance of American Football and Charlie Ebersol, who is the son of Dick Ebersol. This is where things get interesting as it was revealed in this filing that the original plan for the AAF was to resurrect the XFL name themselves. It all started when the AAF officials had a meeting with McMahon and NBC officials to offer them $50 million to buy the XFL property.

McMahon decided to relaunch the league on his own after this meeting due to the belief that there is interest in another football league.

Dave Meltzer noted on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio episode that the reason McMahon held a press conference a year ago with not a ton of details as far as the plans for the league was done to beat the AAF to their announcement.

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