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Legendary announcer may appear with Jerry Lawler before Raw this Monday

Legendary Memphis wrestling announcer Lance Russell is in Memphis this week for a Tribute to the King show being put on by Kevin Lawler on 9/18. Russell is staying for Raw on 9/22. There's talk of bringing Russell out to introduce Lawler before Raw goes on the air. The last word as of today was that Lawler wanted to walk out to the announcers table with Russell.

Russell helped get Lawler a job in the late 60s. He put drawings of the wrestlers on television when Lawher was a high school art student and that led to Lawler meeting Jackie Fargo. Fargo signed him to paint things for one of his companies and that led to Lawler becoming a wrestler. Lawler wanted Russell as the person to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame but that didn't happen since Russell is not part of WWE history so WWE used William Shatner instead.

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