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Lesnar and McMahon still deadlocked; WrestleMania plans depend on Lesnar signing a new deal in Los Angeles

As noted yesterday, The Rock was interviewed in the last couple of days to promote "Furious 7" but he also talked about wrestling. He was asked about his plans for Sunday and didn't deny or confirm anything but definitely gave the impression that he would be at WrestleMania 31 on Sunday. He is hosting Saturday Night Live from New York so he would have to get on a quick flight that night or in the morning so he could be in San Jose. It's certainly possible that the company provides him with a private jet. When he was asked about WrestleMania 32 he definitely seemed interested in a match with Brock Lesnar and seemed interested in the idea of headlining the show that could break the all-time attendance record. Dave Meltzer noted again on today's Wrestling Observer radio that the line from Brock on Monday's Raw about beating The Rock and sending him off to Hollywood in 2002 was definitely a line said to start the build to a match with The Rock. Obviously this all depends on Brock's status with the company and if Rock gets a huge movie offer that conflicts with wrestling. The plan for the Raw after WrestleMania 29 was for Brock and The Rock to start their feud that would have ended at WrestleMania 30 but that never happened because Rock got injured in the match with Cena.

If the plan is for The Rock to start a program with Brock Lesnar then Brock's deal needs to be signed sometime on Monday in Los Angeles. Monday in Los Angeles is the day where Vince McMahon will make the big push to get Brock to sign a new deal with the company. Meltzer said, "they want it now, and he doesn't want it now." The reason why Vince wants him signed on Monday is because WWE's plans for the WrestleMania 31 main event are contingent on Brock signing with the company. There's no word on what the plans are for WrestleMania but it could be several things. Perhaps Brock turns babyface at WrestleMania, or perhaps Brock retains the title, or perhaps The Rock gets involved in the match but that is just speculation. Regardless, WWE's mentality is that they have to sign him so they could know what to do for the WrestleMania main event. Also, despite what anyone says, as of two days ago, the impasse between Brock and WWE was still there. For Brock's sake it's probably better for him not to sign so he can have leverage when he enters official negotiations with UFC.

If you missed the interview with The Rock then you can check it out by clicking here.

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