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Lina Fanene (Nia Jax) says "everyone" in WWE is miserable



Don't expect to see Lina Fanene, aka former WWE star Nia Jax, back on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown.

A fan on Twitter said that fans need her back in WWE so she can team with Doudrop to win the Women's Tag Team Titles. Fanene responded and said that she doesn't plan on returning and she has heard that "everyone is miserable there."

Fanene tweeted, "lol no thank you! I get calls daily on how everyone is miserable there"

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Fanene previously said that she declined to return at the Royal Rumble in January. She was released by WWE in November. The New York Post reported that she was let go because she refused to get vaccinated. Fanene said last month that it was her personal choice not to get vaccinated.

Her tweet about "everyone" being miserable does not seem to be accurate. There are some unhappy wrestlers there but there are several people who have said privately and publicly that they are happy. Kevin Owens said this week that he re-signed and he is happy with what he is doing these days.