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Linda McMahon reportedly being considered for Secretary of Commerce under Donald Trump administration

The NBC affiliate in Connecticut is reporting that Linda McMahon is being considered for Secretary of Commerce under the Donald Trump administration.

McMahahon lost previous attempts to become a U.S. Senator in 2010 after spending $50 million of her own money. She was also the Republican nominee for the state’s other senate seat in 2012 but she lost to Democratic representative Chris Murphy.

Trump announced his transition team on Friday to help fill in positions in his administration and it’s not a surprise that he would be considering Linda McMahon since the McMahon’s have contributed millions to Trump’s campaign. The friendship between the McMahon’s and Trump dates back to the late 80’s when Trump Plaza hosted WrestleMania 4 and 5. Trump also appeared on WWE TV in 2007 as the storyline owner of Raw and he was involved in the Battle of the Billionaires storyline for WrestleMania 23 which saw, as per match stipulation, Vince McMahon had his head shaved after Bobby Lashley (representing Trump) defeated Umaga (representing McMahon).

The NBC affiliate cites sources close to McMahon and Trump’s transition team.

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