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Linda McMahon talks Ted Cruz, says Donald Trump would be a great President and more

Linda McMahon is making the media rounds to promote her new company “Women’s Leadership LIVE.” She appeared on CNN with Brooke Baldwin on Wednesday afternoon. CNN showed a clip of Trump shaving McMahon’s head at WrestleMania 23 and a clip of Trump’s WWE Hall Of Fame speech.

Linda was asked about Cruz choosing Carly Fiorina as his running mate. Linda said that Fiorina is a good pick and she’s a smart lady. Linda would not say who she is voting for. She says that she thinks Donald Trump is capable of being President of the United States because she has known him for 20 years and he is very loyal and a very good businessman.

Linda was asked about Trump’s comments about Hillary Clinton playing the “woman card.” Linda said that Trump was speaking about Hillary more than women in general and Trump has respect for women. Linda says that she does think Hillary plays the woman card and there are a lot of men that champion women’s rights as well.

Linda talked about Trump’s foreign policy speech and said that he just wants to make order out of chaos and he wants to bring jobs to America. She said that he wants to take care of America first. Regarding Trump not mentioning specifics, she believes he has been doing that and his specifics will become more apparent as his campaign moves on. She thinks that he will hire smart people around him.

Linda was asked about the controversial transgender bill in North Carolina. She thinks that we need to use common sense on these issues. She is not sure that it has to be legislated. In regards to companies refusing to do business in North Carolina, Linda says that she lives in a state where taxes are too high so she would like to see a business-friendly environment so people can go back to work.

Linda then talked about her company “Women’s Leadership Live.”

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