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Linda McMahon: "The number of illegals entering the US isn't sustainable!"



Linda McMahon no longer holds public office but her Twitter activity suggests that her career in politics may not be over.

McMahon sent out the following tweet today:

"The number of illegals entering the US isn't sustainable! @ChadFWolf & I visited the border & spoke w/ @CBP as they fight against the overwhelming # of ppl entering the US illegally

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We deserve BETTER than a govt that believes in/allows open borders. It's a danger to our country"

McMahon also made some comments about President Joe Biden:

"The inflation numbers are out, and in Biden’s America it is 8.8% more expensive for Americans to put food on the table and it costs 48% more for them to fill up their vehicles with gas.

Inflation taxes are real, and they are hurting hard working Americans."

McMahon served as the administrator of the Small Business Administration from 2017 until 2019 under Donald Trump.