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Lio Rush addresses his “might not ever wrestle again” tweet

Last week, Lio Rush sent out a message on Twitter that got fans speculating over his future in the pro wrestling business.

It was a simple yet cryptic tweet that read, “I legitimately might not ever wrestle again.” He didn’t elaborate on his comments. This came a few weeks after he had been released by WWE due to budget cuts.

The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion recently did an interview with Forbes where he addressed the tweet.

“Yes, that was definitely a tweet that I made and have thought that it was very real comment.”

Rush continued by noting how before his release, he would talk to family members, friends, and people that he’s close to in the wrestling business about how he had this feeling in his gut or heart that his wrestling days were going to come to an end.

Rush noted that he doesn’t know why he was feeling like that but he would tell himself that he didn’t think he would be wrestling for that much longer.

“And then once the release happened, it made me just think about it even more and I said to myself: Why jump right back into something when I have all this time where I don’t have to wrestle right now? I had good times in WWE. I had bad times too. And some of those bad times were a little traumatizing to me. I just thought to myself: Why put myself back in a situation where I was going to be unhappy?”

The former WWE star is eligible to sign with any promotion he wants come May 15th. Many people have praised Rush for his in-ring work so if he does want to wrestle going forward, he’s likely to receive offers.

Rush also talked about potentially going to AEW, his new album, and more. You can read the entire interview here.

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