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Lio Rush discusses his absence from WWE TV and his goals for his music career

WWE Superstar Lio Rush spoke with HipHopDX to talk about his aspirations in the music industry. Rush hasn’t been seen on WWE television since April so that also became a topic of conversation during the interview.

He was asked about being taken off TV and the rumors about his reputation backstage. You can click here to read more on what has been reported about Rush and what led up to him being taken off TV.

“A lot of the times these rumors just get taken as facts because I feel like people are afraid or scared to tell their side,” he said. “But I take pride in what I do and the things that I believe in. I don’t like my reputation being altered by dirt sheets [wrestling websites] or anyone who doesn’t know the full side of any story. And I just wanted to throw some positivity at the situation because everybody’s always trying to capitalize on the negative and make stories out of things that have no source or substance behind it.”

Rush said his next goal is to record an album and he has aspirations of touring. He added that one day he hopes to be regarded as a legend in the music business and he hopes to accomplish his goals in the music industry with the help of some of the connections he’s made. Wale is someone he noted that he has become friends with.

Back to the subject of pro wrestling, Rush said that he doesn’t know what the future holds for him.

He noted how so many wrestlers are under contract and many of them are not featured on TV and WWE is a big wheel so once one thing is done, “the next thing just keeps on going.”

Rush added, “A lot of the times, things don’t pan out or work out the way that they thought they would. So, this time that I’m spending right now is just reevaluating, being at home with my family and working on other projects that I’ve always wanted to work on, which was the single, and hopefully more music in the future.”

At this point, it doesn’t look like there are plans for Rush to return to TV but it also does not look like WWE plans on releasing him, especially now with All Elite Wrestling about to start on TNT.

You can read the entire interview at

Check out Rush’s first hip hop single, “Scenic Lullaby,” by clicking below.


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