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Lio Rush fires back at Mike Kanellis for recent comments about him

Mike Kanellis Lio Rush

Mike Kanellis has deleted his tweet that was critical of Lio Rush. In his tweet, Kanellis mentioned how Rush was off the road for bad behavior.

Rush fired back: "You’re right, I was home. Reflecting on my past and how I can get better. Getting back on a positive road to become a champion literally and figuratively. Spending time with my children that are actually MINE. I get your anger…trust me. Win a match 1st. Maybe we can talk later."

As noted earlier, Kanellis told the world on Twitter that he has asked for his release from WWE so none of the interaction with Rush appears to be part of a storyline. Although, I guess anything is possible in WWE with Paul Heyman running creative.

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Rush recently returned to the company and won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

Click here to see what Kanellis said in the now-deleted tweet.