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Lio Rush issues an apology after making a joke about Emma's release from WWE

Lio Rush Emma

Earlier we noted that Lio Rush had heat on him for joking about Emma's release. Other wrestlers (including some current WWE stars have also chimed in and they're not happy about what Rush said).

Check out some of the tweets below:

Rush has issued an apology. He said (typos and poor grammer included), "At the end of the day, there's a certain level of respect within professional wrestlers in sports & ENTERTAINMENT industry that is noted within peers. With that being said , Emma I respect you and everything that you've done for our business . It saddens me that the " controversial tweet " got completely blown out of proportion and looked at in a very insensitive way . As a family man with a 4 year of son and expecting anohter , I would never laugh or mock the fact of someone loosing there job because of how it can affect self person and there families. Whatever the situation may be regarding the release . You're an amazing performer and respected athlete by yours truly and I'm sure you will excel beyond expections . To my fans who may have seen this as inappropriate as well as Emma's fans , I apologize and I love you ALL regardless of the responses. On Behalf of myself and the WWE Goodluck !"

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