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Lio Rush recalls clashing heads with Triple H in WWE

Former WWE star Lio Rush continues to make the media rounds following his departure from WWE to talk about his experiences with the company.

Last month, WWE made a mass talent and staff release due to budget cuts in relation to the coronavirus outbreak impacting their business.

While doing an interview with SportsKeeda, Rush spoke about his interactions with Triple H, who is someone that Rush looked up to prior to joining the company.

“Triple H… I don’t know if it ended on good terms or not because I feel like me and Hunter, we clashed heads a lot. We were always in disagreement as far as what the plan was for me and how he saw me as a character or how he saw me as an asset to the brand.

I feel like we were just always disagreeing all the time and it sucked because obviously I looked up to Triple H when I was a kid and stuff like that.”

Rush continued by noting how it was weird trying to break that separation from being an admirer of his while at the same time being an employee of his as Triple H was now his boss. He recalled having a hard time separating the two and it was kind of disappointing every time he had a conversation with him.

Rush noted that the lack of communication leading up to the initial release was with Triple H. He brought up having some back-and-forth conversations with him and then, out of nowhere, it just kind of stopped four weeks.

When this happened, Rush stated that he knew something was weird and a release was coming his way.

Rush also talked about working and his experiences with WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. You can check out the interview here. 

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