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Lio Rush says that he didn’t hear from WWE for seven months before NXT move

Former WWE Superstar Lio Rush recently appeared on Ryback’s Conversation With The Big Guy podcast. The former 205 Live and NXT performer would discuss a number of topics during the podcast, including his break from the WWE roster before returning to NXT in time for the show’s move to USA Network.

“When I came back to NXT and the six to seven months break that I had in the company? I did sign a new contract” Lio Rush would reveal. “It still really wasn’t even what I was looking for. But they [WWE] did end up giving me a new contract.”

Rush would then talk about the lengthy break he took from the company prior to his NXT return. “When I was asking [about a pay rise] I kind of just got ‘alright since you’re not happy? You need a break. Vince [McMahon] is going to call you.’ Of course he never did.”

“It ended up being you know seven months, I was ready to move on with my life because I didn’t hear anything. I’m just sitting at home that whole time” Rush would continue. “Yeah, I didn’t, I didn’t hear once from a single person. I kept reaching out, I thought that they [WWE] wanted nothing to do with me anymore so I was gonna move on with my life.”

Rush would finish by describing why the company got in contact with him for a move to the NXT brand as they were debuting on USA Network. “I was moving to California, I was looking at some property out there and I got a phone call from Triple H, saying that he wanted to bring me back but underneath the NXT banner. Because they were going to have NXT on USA Network, and they thought that NXT could benefit from me already having USA Network exposure [on RAW] and translating that over to NXT.”

Since his WWE exit Rush has moved into the music space, having just released a new single. He is also embroiled in an ongoing war of words with WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, which doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

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