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Lio Rush’s days on WWE main roster coming to an end?

With recent reports about his backstage behavior in WWE, there has been some speculation about the future of Lio Rush in the company.

Although he was backstage at Monday’s WWE Raw TV event in Lexington, KY at the Rupp Arena, he wasn’t used on the show. is reporting that there has been some talk within WWE about him being sent to the NXT brand in the near future.

Rush’s issues have been going on for some time now that dates back to the most recent European tour back in November 2018. This is where ignored the standard backstage etiquette for the junior member of the roster on overseas tours that includes sitting at the gorilla position after matches to provide water to talents as they returned from the ring and carrying coolers and drinks into the hotels where the roster was staying in order to set up a common area. This area is used to have wrestler socialize properly together.

These types of jobs are used to get respect from other wrestlers in the locker room. Once a talent is brought up to the main roster then these responsibilities are expected from the younger wrestlers. It was noted that some veterans have tried to explain this to Rush and telling him that he was making a mistake at the time but instead of taking the advice, he complained to WWE management.

In recent months, things involving Rush have calmed down but there have also been additional issues that include Rush allegedly bringing friends and relatives backstage without proper credentials. He’s also reportedly blown off counsel of senior Raw roster members.

Rush has removed WWE from the bio section on his social media accounts and replaced WWE with an email address to accept business inquiries. It should be noted that Rush has been pushing to be a babyface and he feels like he should be a top star, which as a result, has rubbed people the wrong way.

As we noted earlier on the site, there was an incident with WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor that led to more backstage heat on Rush from the locker room.

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