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LISTEN: Audio of Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith prank call from the 90's goes viral



For years, wrestling fans have heard the stories about pranksters Davey Boy Smith and Owen Hart.

Anyone that knew them has told a story about one of their legendary pranks. Bret Hart told a story once about the time Owen pranked his dad Stu but sadly, none of the audio exists today.

There is one piece of audio that was saved and many fans got to hear it today thanks to a pos ton Twitter. The clip below includes audio of a prank by Davey Boy and Owen where they pretend to work in a pizza shop. The caption incorrectly states that it was Sunny who was being pranked.

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Here is more rare footage of the Hart Family together in the early 80's for the wedding of Diana Hart and Davey Boy Smith. You can see speeches from Dynamite Kid and Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart.

The footage is from the "Old Boys" DVD that was released in 2015: