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LISTEN: Dave Meltzer and Rob Naylor discuss the Bill DeMott situation

Dave Meltzer and Fighting Spirit Magazine's Rob Naylor talked about the Bill DeMott situation on today's Wrestling Observer live. Naylor worked as a creative assistant for NXT under Dusty Rhodes. Naylor said that was there when Bill DeMott made the comment about Davey Boy Smith when DeMott asked NXT student Dante Dash what his finish was. When Dante replied, "Davey Boy," DeMott made a comment about Davey dropping dead on his front lawn. There was a room full of people that saw this and DeMott never apologized for the comment. Davey's son and Tyson Kidd were in the company during this time.

Naylor said that he was never talked to despite WWE's claim that there was a thorough investigation done. Naylor said that the letter that got out earlier this week was known about for some time but he never thought it would get out publicly. For the record, Naylor left on his own so there is no bitterness from his side.

Naylor said that he does keep in touch with 90% of the people that are there now and he hasn't heard anything negative so things have been cleaned up since 2013. Meltzer said that the injury rate under DeMott during that time period was out of control. There is more covered on today's Wrestling Obverver live. You can listen now by clicking on the player below.

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