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LISTEN: Jim Cornette gives his side of the story on incident with Santino Marella

On this week's Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette gave his side of the story on what happened with Santino Marella in Detroit. He said that Marella was about 3 tables away from him during the autograph signing. Later, Cornette says that he got up to get something to eat and he walks down the hallway and then sees Marella walking towards him. Cornette said that Marella stuck his hand out but he wanted to be cordial and shook Marella's hand. Cornette said that he was not loud or cursing at him at first and said that, in a way, Marella did a favor for him by costing him his WWE job because he was miserable and wanted to leave but Marella didn't know that. Cornette said that Marella called the WWE office to get him fired in 2005 from a highly paid job so he didn't mean to do Cornette a favor. Cornette said that he told him that there was nothing to talk about and then shook Marella's hand and then tried to talk away. Then, things escalated from there.

Cornette's issue with him is not about The Boogeyman incident. Cornette says that he told Marella, "You called the office and stooged on me and you got a job being a joke comedy job guy and I don't have anything to talk to you about." Marella issued a statement earlier this week. Click here if you want to read what he said.

You can listen to what Cornette had to say by clicking below. The entire podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, and iHeartRadio.

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