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LISTEN: Jim Cornette refutes Santino Marella's "abusive phone call" claim


On this week's Jim Cornette Experience podcast, Cornette addressed Santino Marella's claim that Cornette called him to say that he was glad that his in-ring career was over due to his neck injury. Marella apparently made the claim on a shoot interview but Cornette denied ever calling Marella because he doesn't have his phone number.

The heat between Cornette and Marella stems from an incident from Ohio Valley Wrestling when Cornette slapped Marella for not selling a segment involving The Boogeyman. He noted that they were not able to edit the segment because they didn't have the budget to do so. He also noted that he has never seen, spoken to, or been in the same place as Marella since the OVW incident happened. He also challenged Marella to prove that anything said on his podcast is not true.

Check out a clip below of Cornette addressing Marella's claim and you can listen to the entire podcast by clicking here.

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Marella's side of the slapping incident is below: