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LISTEN: The entire Sid Vicious phone call where he blames Donald Trump for cancelled wrestling booking

Sid Vicious Donald Trump

Absolute Intense Wrestling's John Thorne has posted the phone conversation he had with Sid Vicious. After several attempts to get in touch with Sid, he was finally able to get him to pick up after he called from Swoggle's phone. As previously noted, he missed out on a booking in Cleveland for their show on Saturday night. Sid claimed that Donald Trump's travel ban prevented him from flying because of an issue with his driver's license and his passport. Keep in mind that he was not flying out of the United States so I don't know why he would need a passport.

Sid said that had just gotten off the phone with his lawyer and there was nothing that he could do. He said that there was a prior issue with a speeding ticket that prevented him from boarding the plane and he has to get his license renewed. Sid said, "This Donald Trump has messed up more things. We can go on all day about the whole football thing." He then went on a rant about Colin Kaepernick and the NFL.

Sid said that he is going to call his lawyer again and he'll go to city hall to figure things out. Unfortunately for AIW, they lost out on the hotel expenses and merchandise. The money lost was close to $1,000.

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You can listen to the entire phone conversation by clicking on the video below:

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