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LISTEN: Vince McMahon dodged questions about Saudi Arabia on WWE investor conference call

As we wrote about earlier, WWE will be moving forward with Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and they cited other companies doing business with them and their contractual obligations as the reasons why the show will continue as scheduled.

Vince McMahon did not want to talk about the subject during the Q3 earnings conference call that took place earlier today. McMahon said, “We’re not going to talk a lot about that. It’s a very sensitive subject these days. I think our statement pretty much said all I want to say about that today.”

Later in the call, Saudi Arabia was brought up again but it was made clear again that it was something they did not want to discuss. You can read WWE’s statement by clicking here.

You can listen to the audio below. Thanks to David Bixenspan.

For what it’s worth, WWE might have issues if more Superstars pull out. John Cena is reportedly off the show. Click here for the latest on Cena and Daniel Bryan.

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