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Lita gives her thoughts on intergender wrestling, the advancements of women’s wrestling and more

WWE Hall Of Famer Lita is the guest on this week’s episode of “After The Bell” with Corey Graves.

The former Women’s Champion was on the show to talk about the advancements of women’s wrestling, her WWE career and her new hobbies.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

Lita was asked if the women had an aspiration for them to have a larger role or was it just business as usual: “What I love seeing now is the rise in women supporting women, like the whole locker room cheering each other on and seeing a good match for two women is a good match for the entire locker and for other opportunities. I feel like for me and for Trish at the time, it was more a fend for yourself, cool we got this spot, but we have this spot under the boys rules so we have to fend for ourselves and hope we continue to get these opportunities and forge this path for ourselves hoping other people can join in. But, we have to keep our head down and go because we are getting this tiny little light coming through the door and we can’t kick it in or we will get smacked back. So, we have to kind of keep a creek in that door open to let people come in.”

When you look back at the role you and all the women of your generation played, what does it feel like seeing the end result even if that wasn’t the goal at the time?: “I love now, as big as the moments were that were the firsts, it’s cool that we are running out of firsts. That’s where you made real progress. It’s not like, the girls match, it’s just who are the matches on the card tonight. Who am I stoked to see on the card tonight.”

Do you think intergender matches are a feasible addition to our business: “While the stuff I did in intergender, it was done very opportunistically. Like, someone’s back was turned. As far as toe to toe, like, trading punches with somebody, I don’t need to see that intergender wise. When some of these girls are so athletic and have some muscle and some of the guys are smaller, it’s like, yea, when it looks like a more evenly matched competition. Or, when it’s done in a way of duck and weave or the cat and mouse game. I think it has to be done smarter. You have to position it right. Don’t open the same way you would on every other match. Use these different circumstances to your advantage. Maximize that extra layer and dynamic you put in on that match. Spike Dudley and I had a match but I probably outweighed him so it was feasible we could go toe to toe with our stature But, when I was in there with Prince Albert, then I slid between his legs and someone else would knock him.”

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