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Lita says her match with Becky Lynch gave her “peace” to move on from the Cryme Tyme retirement angle

WWE Legend Lita stopped by “After the Bell with Corey Graves” this week to talk about how she felt during her match with Becky Lynch, and what it meant to her.

Lita talking about she felt getting in the ring with Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber:

“I was like, I may take that first bump, or I may throw that first clothesline and my shoulder might fall out of a socket, like, this might be a disaster,” she said.

“A few minutes after I’d taken a few bumps and just felt my feet under me a little bit, I was like, ‘Okay, I think we’re going to be good.'”

“It was all kind of like, in real time. The trust that I had working with Becky was a huge factor. I know she’s going to do her thing because she’s in that zone where she’s out there defending every night, working every live event, like she’s good. Whereas in my active career, I was used to being the veteran and making sure I had to lead somebody through. I was like, okay, Becky’s good, just focus on you, and that’s all you need to do.”

“After a couple minutes I was like, okay, so you can breathe. I think you’re going to be able to make it through the match. Then I think like, going into the go-home, knowing where we were going with that, I was like, I think we got them. I think it’s going to actually be good. It was the steps and phases of feeling the match out.”

Lita talking about not realizing she needed to have this match:

“I think the whole thing was so poetic and I felt like the fans had wanted that moment for so long,” Lita shared.

“I didn’t realize that I wanted or needed or would feel a sense of satisfaction from having that moment. You know, I always maintained, ‘No, I was happy with my career. I’m satisfied and you girls do your thing. I just love watching the progress and watching you guys keep smashing glass ceilings’, and I do believe that, but I won’t lie, like that felt good.”

Lita continued, “It gave me a sense of peace. Like if that’s my last match, it made me feel peace moving forward. If it’s not my last match, I’m able to feel a clean slate going forward. I get asked so much like, in every interview, ‘Talk about your last match when Cryme Tyme came out and stole your stuff from you.’ I try to put a positive spin on that, like, ‘Oh, it was funny, I’m a heel, and that’s cool.’ We all know that that’s not how I felt. So to go, ‘Yeah, that’s where we were then, but here’s where we are now, and the present is where it’s important’, and to be able to say that with honesty feels really nice.”

Lita was asked who she looks at and says, “There’s a star.”:

“I got to be more backstage at Raw working with Becky leading up to it. I will say that three women that I am like, ‘Oh, we are just getting started seeing where these women can go’, are Doudrop, Liv Morgan, and Rhea Ripley.”

“I think all three of those women have had these little moments and these little opportunities, but we’re just scratching the surface there on what they could do to be players and viable stars headlining cards in years to come.”

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