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Lita says she almost quit WWE during storyline with Edge and Matt Hardy

WWE Hall Of Famer Amy “Lita” Dumas was the guest this week on Renee Paquette’s “Oral Sessions” podcast.

They talked about their trip to Area 51, favorite conspiracy theories, the sexual double standards during Lita’s time in pro wrestling, and much more. Dumas talked about how difficult it was to work during the storyline that involved her, Edge and Matt Hardy.

Renee:  “Looking back through your career in WWE, one thing I always find interesting was a point during your career, was the sh** you got from your relationships throughout WWE. How was that being in the thick of that stuff and the reactions you were getting?”

Amy:  “It’s still talked about, and my relationships are commented on a regular basis, like on my Instagram, still, or social media. But meanwhile, all of the men involved, and I mean even anything not controversial like being with Punk, or Edge, or Matt, I guarantee they don’t get asked about it. I know they don’t get asked about it because they’re dudes, and there’s that double standard thing. I think that’s at this point the problem, what I hold on to, feeling the double standard.  I’ll tell you, it was not easy.  For sure, I almost quit amongst the whole love triangle angle.  At that point, not only was it so hard, it was also out of shame.  I wasn’t proud of the way I conducted myself, and yes, if I had to do it over again, I absolutely would have handled myself differently, but I didn’t.  I was very much like, make the bed, you lie in it.  At that point, I was like, I deserve all these terrible things that everybody was saying to me.  I deserved not to wake up every morning.  So that was really difficult.  It was also really difficult, as time passed, to let myself off the hook.  The only way you can move forward with your life, sure, you learn from your mistakes and keep going, but you have to forgive yourself.”

Renee:  “Do you think you would get that same flak today, or would it be worse because of social media?”

Amy:  “I don’t know.  It’s so interesting because obviously, with age comes wisdom.  It’s like, well, it’s hard to hypothesize because that just wouldn’t happen.  I have a better skillset to communicate and navigate my day to day, but that happened to me, and there was very little social media at that point.  I can only imagine in that current day in age, with social media, I think that I would have some people, at least, taking my side, whereas I felt literally everyone was against me.  I felt very alone, isolated, and just in a really bad place.”

Renee:  “Also, during a time like that, all that anyone is getting is the narrative that is being told on television.  You had no platform and no voice to say, ‘Here’s what really happened, or here is my side of the story.”

Amy:  “Adam and I talked at the time.  Because we can’t unequivocally deny 100% of what’s being put out there, and I was not happy with how I conducted myself, I didn’t want to act like I was justifying my actions, or trying to make excuses.  We both chose to let it run its course.  We will just conduct ourselves with grace, especially because at that point, Matt was choosing to really take to the internet and get the fans behind him.  We were choosing that he can act that way, but we will stay quiet.  I don’t know if that was the best way.  I don’t even know what would have been the best way.”

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