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Liv Morgan comments on her start and stop pushes in WWE, Big E on his plans as new WWE Champion



Big E and Liv Morgan were recently interviewed by Sportskeeda Wrestling to promote this Sunday's WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Hera are some highlights:

Liv Morgan talking about her start and stop pushes in WWE:

“I feel like the past two years of my career I’ve had moments where I feel like I had so much momentum and I was ready for a breakthrough, and then I don’t. I do feel like this time is different. I like to think positive and I’m very much a glass half full, so when I look back, I think, maybe I wasn’t as ready as I thought, and that’s why I didn’t break through. Even though I wanted it, maybe I just wasn’t ready as a performer. Now I feel so much more well rounded that I’m ready. I’m ready for that top spot. I’m ready to be that girl. I definitely feel after Money in the Bank that I’m going to keep the momentum going until I’m SmackDown Women’s Champion.”

Big E was asked if he is going to be on RAW or SmackDown:

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“Raw is my show. That WWE Championship means that Raw is my show. I’m the king of the hill there. Right now, I’ve been going back and forth with SmackDown a little bit, but that will be over soon. I want to focus on making RAW the best show it can be. I take pride in that. A lot of times the viewership and the quality of the show is on the WWE Champion, and that’s a big marker for having a really good reign. RAW will be my focus, but you never know how things shake out here. It’s a topsy turvy world so there’s a chance that I might show up on SmackDown, but my focus is RAW right now.”

Click below to listen to Liv and Big E's interviews.

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