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Liv Morgan gets a new theme song, Becky Lynch’s WWE Royal Rumble match is set?

WWE Raw Women’s Champion kicked off the second hour of Monday Night Raw to do a promo segment to brag about her title defense at Day 1 on Saturday.

Liv Morgan came out to a new remixed version of her entrance music. Bianca Belair also went out to the ring to declare herself as the next person in line for Lynch’s title. The segment ended with Morgan and Belair working together to toss Lynch out of the ring. Morgan and Belair fought each other and Lynch ran back in to hit the Manhandle Slam.

So it looks like Morgan or Belair or both women will challenge Lynch for the title at the Royal Rumble. Click below to see the segment that includes Liv’s new theme song.

UPDATE: Later in the show, Doudrop demanded a title shot. Adam Pearce announced that next week it will be Doudrop vs. Belair vs. Morgan and the winner will get the title shot at the Royal Rumble.

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