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Liv Morgan on Elimination Chamber, her character reboot, Lana

Thanks to Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports for sending us the following about his interview with Liv Morgan: 

She says you can’t really prepare too much for a match like that. Basically you have to accept the fact you’re going to get hurt. She also thinks that there could be more done with her feud with Lana, but doesn’t know whether it will happen.

In addition, we touched on a note that was given to her by a fan that she cherishes, her special bond with her mom, revamping the Liv Morgan character, and feuding with her old stablemates from The Riott Squad, which she now calls The Doo Doo Squad.

The Elimination Chamber is a really unique match that only gets done one time a year. How do you even go about preparing for something like this?

I don’t think you do. I don’t think you do. How do you prepare? Do you throw yourself at fences? Steel link fences? There is no vibration. It’s just, go in there with the mindset that you know you’re going to get hurt, so how much are you willing to withstand to be the last one standing? To go onto WrestleMania to have the opportunity to compete with Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship. So I think it’s just the preparation of, “How much am I willing to go through?” And for me personally, I’d go through it all.”

You’re in the midst of this character refresh. Was this a concept that you came up with, or was it a collaboration?

I just think it was time for the character to evolve. As much as I loved having pink hair and a blue tongue, you need to grow up at some point. So I think it was just time for Liv to grow up. So I had a nine-month hiatus of self-discovery and hair dye. I’m just trying to find my footing and my place as a woman in the world and in this business. And it’s different for me, and you guys are seeing the growth live on TV. What it is now may not be how it is in a couple months. But I’m just trying to grow, and I’m not fully there yet.


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