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Liv Morgan teases a darker side ahead of WWE return

Liv Morgan

Something odd is going on with Liv Morgan lately and based on her recent tweets, it looks like she is close to returning to WWE TV.

The last time Morgan was seen on WWE TV was back in July when she lost a match to Charlotte Flair on SmackDown. After the match, she promised that when she returns to the ring she will be "real".

The word on Morgan is that she will be getting a character makeover when she returns to the ring.

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On Twitter and Instagram, she seems to be embracing a dark side of herself and she's removed her profile pictures to replace them with the color black.

Fans have speculated that she may be brought in to portray Sister Abigail but that's pure speculation. The only thing known about Morgan's new look is that she posted a clip of herself cutting her hair several weeks ago and she's been teasing that fans will see a darker side when she returns. You can see the clip of her cutting her hair by clicking here.

Her recent cryptic tweets can be seen below: