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Live! With Chris Jericho recap: Stephanie McMahon talks dating Triple H, AJ Lee, #GiveDivasAChance, breast enhancement, more

We will be covering tonight’s Live! With Chris Jericho podcast with Stephanie McMahon as the special guest.

The interview starts at 10pm eastern after Smackdown so you can save this page and check back during the podcast.

Jericho mentions that Stephanie just came from the staff company party and joked that he was not invited. She said it’s something they do as a way to say thanks to their employees.

Jericho asked about the staff and how many people WWE employees. Steph said 800 people.

Jericho asked about her recent trip to China. She said she also went to Singapore as an Eisenhower Fellow, an award she was nominated for. She went to defend WWE. The award consists of a domestic and international program. US “fellows” can choose two different countries to go to. The award was developed for President Eisenhower and encourages to help people change the world.

Jericho says that you still have to defend WWE even in 2015 to educate and open eyes. She talked about how many countries WWE is in. She talked about the social media followers and “award winning” WWE Network. She said WWE is a pioneer in the media industry and Vince McMahon paved the way for pay-per-view.

What’s it like having her dad as a boss? She says it’s very challenging and he wants his kids to work for it so there is more pressure because they have to prove themselves that much more. Vince was standing behind the camera. She said that her dad has made her re-shoot things and told a story about Vince sending her back in front of the crowd to redo a promo during the time when she, in storyline, bought ECW. She said Vince calls her the Vincess because she is so much like him. She said that she looks up to her dad so much and she’s studied him so much.

She talked about being a mom and working in a corporate world and getting to play characters based on some of the people she’s met along the way. Jericho asks about her evil character and spreading the gospel of WWE in real life. He asks if people confuse the two. She says that oftentimes she’ll be at a Be A Star rally and she’ll ask if the kids there have been bullied. She tells them that they are not alone and a message that she uses is that she plays a bully on TV but it’s not who she is in real life. She tells them that she’s a character like a character on a sitcom.

She went on to tell a story about having Mr. T and Hulk Hogan at her house just before WrestleMania 1. She said her kids met him at the Hall of Fame last year. She said that she understood the business and what her dad did even as a kid. She talked about being somewhere between 3 to 6 years old and seeing George Steel backstage and she was scared to death and she screamed at the top of her lungs and she ran to her dad and Vince started laughing. She said it turned out that Vince was laughing at how bad George Steel felt for scaring her. At that point she started realizing what the business was and started putting things together. She talked about watching her dad announce.

Killer Bees, Tito Santana were some of the names she liked as a kid. She liked the heels so she didn’t root for Hulk Hogan. She hated Jesse Ventura because Jesse would always rip on her dad on TV. She suggested one time to her dad that they should switch characters one time but it never happened.

She talked about Andre The Giant. She says when she was 3 years old Andre pulled up in a customized van and her nanny rolled up the windows and locked the doors. She said Andre put his hand out, she stepped on it, he brought her up to his cheek and she kissed his cheek. She said it bothered her to see Andre being treated differently and she mentioned it to him and it struck a chord with him. They showed a picture of her sitting on Andre’s lap.

Jericho asks about how people treat her being Vince’s daughter. She said her dad told her that she just needs to know that she’s a good person and that’s all that matters. She and Shane used to play wrestle as kids. She told a story about being thrown sofa to sofa by Shane and one time he missed and she hit a glass door and her dad came in the room but she never threw her brother under the bus and told Vince that she was ok.

Jericho asked how she started in the family business. She said she always wanted to be in the business. She started by answering the phones at company headquarters. She talked about having to answer to a fan complaint about Bobby Heenan saying on the air that there was no Santa Claus. Then she interned at different departments. Every summer she had to have a job. She worked in marketing and new media and she would sometimes sneak into the AOL chats. Then she interned in the production studio and she put together a SummerSlam sweepstakes spot during college. Once she graduated college then she spent 3 months in her mother’s office and she sat in on phone calls and meetings. Then she spent 6 months with her dad and she then started going on the road with her dad. Then she transitioned into the sales office. That is when she started on TV.

Stephanie said that she was not allowed to date wrestlers so that’s why it was shocking to Vince when she dated Triple H but she says that Vince kind of thew them together a little bit. She said that Vince would say stuff like “you need a guy just like Triple H.” She says she thinks he was ok with it from the beginning but when they started dating Vince took away that blessing. She said Vince wasn’t so sure about the risk Hunter was taking and Hunter was a huge star before they got together. She thinks tha the time apart was good but they got back together about a year later. She said there were bumps and rocks along the way. She told her mom at the time that she wasn’t sure about moving forward. She said her mom gave her advice. She said some of the agents were concerned at first and brought it up to Vince because they didn’t know Hunter’s intentions.

Jericho talked about her on screen character. She talks about how cool it is to get the audience in such a frenzy because they want to see her get what is coming to her. Jericho talked about the time they worked together in the early 2000s. Jericho talked about some of the horrible things he would say to her on promos. She said it was hard not to laugh. Jericho says Steph helped his career at that time. She says her character’s role is to help get people over if she can.

Jericho talked about segment they did with apes and cake being pushed in Steph’s face. She said she remembered the creative for this and they somehow pulled it off even though it was a silly storyline. Jericho talked about the time she got her breast enhancement surgery and she told Jericho to call her out on it since it was so obvious. Jericho said some of the one liners from the promo such as “Stephanie you’re the breast.” Then The Rock comes out and does the “silver spoon motherf***er” line and he wasn’t supposed to say it because she was supposed to cut him off. Backstage Vince was furious and yelled at Rock. She said she got the surgery because at one time she was heavier and she wasn’t confident with how she looked so that is why she got the breast enhancement surgery. He talked about the line “Stephanie lost her flower a long time ago.” Vince approved it but made sure Jericho paused after saying the line for maximum effect.

Jericho said that he heard back in 1997 that Stephanie (not Shane) would be the one taking over for Vince. She said it’s hard that Shane is not part of the company. She said that she supports Shane and she misses him. She says she still has a good relationship with Shane and they plan to get together on mother’s day.

Jericho asked about her slaps on TV. She said that the two hardest thing she’s had to do was kiss Eric Bischoff and slap her mom in the face. The hardest slap she ever gave was this year when she hit The Rock and she felt so bad after.

They talked about the angle with Rock and Ronda Rousey. Jericho asked about the plan with Rousey. She said, “I don’t know.” She talked about being a big fan of Ronda and said that she is legitimate and a woman that draws in main events for UFC. She called Ronda inspiring. She said Ronda is paving the way for women and a legitimate badass. Steph said it’s not a plan but “never say never.” Jericho said that Dana White said no to a match but if you ask Ronda it’s a different story.

She said they need to work on giving the Divas a chance. “We need to give it a chance and we need to do more with it.” She hopes to push for it everyday. She talked about #GiveDivasAChance trending for three days and it was so important that Vince responded. “It’s something that definitely needs to happen.” Jericho asked about AJ’s remark on twitter about equal pay. She said she had to respond diplomatically. “I was proud of AJ for speaking up.”

Jericho asks about the NXT Divas and how they are having great matches. He asked if she thinks it can transfer to the main roster. She said she hopes so. Jericho said they need time, especially on Raw but maybe they can try on Smackdown first. She says that she thinks the Divas can main event. She talked about Ronda transcending.

Jericho asks her about her “bitch” character. Steph says people want her to be that character and says that there is truth to it and that’s what makes people more engaged. She loves feeding off the crowd.

They talked about Vickie Guerrero’s final angle. She said that the stuff they were thrown in was pudding and there were bananas with Hershey syrup that was mixed with people’s feet. She said she got an infection in her eye from the pudding. She was sad to see Vickie go and she saw her as an extension of Eddie.

She talked about going home after Raw and Triple H staying on the road so they are not always together. She said it’s hard to get time with her husband. She said that she is at home more but when she was in Asia it was Hunter that took care of the kids. She loved that the kids were able to bond with him. She said her 4 year old wears the pants in the family. Her oldest daughter (8 years old) wants to be a Diva and is a natural heel.

Favorite match? Favorite moment? She said it’s one in the same. SummerSlam with Brie because it was after 11 years since she had wrestled. She said that she and Brie closed the show twice leading up to SummerSlam. Her daughters were in the audience. She said it was the coolest moment and she’ll never forget it and her daughters (if they decide) to do this then they’d be 5th generation. Her kids chanted “you still got it” backstage after her match.

They wrapped up the interview.


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