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It looks like Logan Paul will have someone in his corner when he wrestles Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

Logan's brother Jake Paul indicated on Twitter that he might fly out to Saudi Arabia to watch the match. Jake will fight Anderson Silva in a boxing match a week before the Crown Jewel show.

At the press conference in Las Vegas on Saturday, Logan talked about how many people Reigns had around him and Logan said he didn't have anyone with him. Now it looks like we may see his brother Jake getting physical in a WWE ring as well.

Jake tweeted, "Logan is the definition of anything is possible. 2 matches in WWE and he’s challenging for the belt. I might have to come to Saudi Arabia for this."

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This will likely generate even more publicity for WWE. The idea behind Logan Paul's signing is that he has a huge following and he could bring some new eyeballs to the product. WWE got a lot of mainstream media coverage for the press conference on Saturday so, thus far, things are working out according to plan.