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Logan Paul reveals his wrestling bucket list item he'd like to achieve at WrestleMania



This week on "The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani," Logan Paul stopped by to discuss how his WrestleMania match came about, growing up as a WWE fan, and the lengths he is going to train for the match.

Logan Paul on how his WrestleMania 38 match came about:

“I say yes to things that sound fun," Paul answered.

"They wanted me to compete at WrestleMania. I like The Miz. I’ve had him on our podcast. We’re both from Ohio. We’ve always gotten along, so we’re teaming up against The Mysterios, who are a legendary WWE family.”

He continued, “I have one bucket list item I’ve wanted to do my whole life. This was before I even considered doing WWE or even it being a possibility, and that is to jump off the top rope. I want to jump off the top rope. I want to sail through the air like a fu**ing eagle and land on someone," he laughed.

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Logan said he grew up as a fan of WWE:

“I’ve been a wrestling fan of WWE my whole life and this is another dream come true," he said.

"My life is a series of impossible things happening. I don’t know what to do anymore or how to comprehend it.”

On training for the match:

“I’m going to go to Orlando and get proper training there and just learn everything I need to know about taking hits and giving hits, and just fully immerse myself in the sport like I do everything that I end up doing.”

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