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Long-time tag team is done with WWE

It looks like an underused tag team has finished up with WWE…or they are going to finish up their contracts soon.

Savio Vega told Hannibal TV that they are gone from the company (or they will be soon) but it has not been yet been announced.

“I believe they finished,” Vega said. He added that Primo and Epico have been working in Puerto Rico for the WWC promotion. It should be noted that WWE recently ran a show in San Juan, Puerto Rico and they were not booked for that show so that would seemingly back up what Vega said about them being done with the company.

Vega noted that WWE hasn’t been using them at all. In fact, the last time they appeared at a WWE event was last February in a few dark matches. The last time WWE fans have seen them on TV was on last year’s Survivor Series Kickoff show.

Vega was asked if he has been approached by WWE about returning. He said he hasn’t but he has been called about doing work for the video game a few years ago.

During their time in WWE, they won the WWE Tag Team Championship once together as a team. Primo also won the World Tag Team and WWE Tag Team Championship with Carlito. Many in the company loved working with them and the feeling on them is that they were very under pushed and one of the better workers on the roster.

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