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Long-time WWE star leaving the company in July



A long-time veteran is on his way out of WWE in a few weeks. As noted last month, Rhyno told the Press & Guide website that his contract will expire in July.

"I love working with WWE," he said. "They’re great. But I might have to go somewhere else. I don’t know yet."

Rhyno's last WWE TV appearance was as part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal during the WrestleMania Kickoff show. He has only appeared on a small number of live events this year and it's clear that there are no creative plans. I was told that the company will simply let his contract expire.

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Rhyno has no plans to retire and he intends on wrestling for several more years. In fact, he is taking independent books and will be part of the Pittsburgh-based IWC roster soon.

Check out their announcement below:

Most long-time fans got to know Rhyno from his days in ECW. He was signed to a WWE deal in 2001 and remained with the company until 2005. He worked for several companies including TNA and ROH before returning in 2015 as part of NXT. He was moved to the main roster in 2016.