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Looks like Owen Hart may be going into the WWE Hall of Fame next year

Bret Hart did a question and answer session in Manchester, England earlier today and he discussed Owen Hart. Bret said that Martha Hart’s comments about Owen hating his life as a wrestler were not true. He said while Owen did complain sometimes (like most people do at their jobs from time time), Owen did love what he did for a living.

He talked about Owen’s kids not being able to see their dad at his best and Bret commented on Martha’s grudge with WWE. He basically said that the grudge is not helping things for the kids.

Bret then went on to say that he does believe that Owen will go into the WWE Hall of Fame next year in Santa Clara. Following that statement the crowd at The Comedy Store gave him a huge applause.

Bret also talked about his career and talked about the original DVD that was planned for him before he made amends with WWE. He got emotional while talking about Hulk Hogan’s comments about him. You can watch that below.

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