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Looks like there will be a second big announcement on WWE Monday Night Raw



On Friday, it was announced by WWE that Stephanie McMahon would be making a "historic announcement" on Monday Night Raw. The belief is that she will be announcing details about an all-Women's pay-per-view for the fall.

In a recent post on Reddit, Belt Fan Dan posted some inside information on WWE's plans for new belts. Dan is well connected and has broken belt-related news in the past. He doesn't work for WWE but he has sources within and outside of the company.

Dan says that the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship belts are done and will be part of Stephanie McMahon's announcement on Monday night. Furthermore, Dan says that the belts will be defended between brands on Raw and Smackdown and possibly on a third brand on occasion (NXT).

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Mike Johnson of PWInsder reported that the show would take place on 9/30 in Long Island but Dan says that is not set in stone and they really want to tie the pay-per-view into October for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I would like to add that a WWE source told us that NXT wrestlers could also be involved in the all-Women's pay-per-view. WWE is hoping for a rating boost because of McMahon's announcements.