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Lots of empty seats for WWE 205 Live premiere / RasslinRedbeard / RasslinRedbeard

If you were wondering why WWE dimmed the lights for the premiere episode of 205 Live then we might have the answer for you. Many fans left after Smackdown Live was done and they chose not to stick around for 205 Live.

One person that was there estimated that about half of the crowd left just 15 minutes into 205 Live. Hopefully, the crowd gives them a chance next week because the show was pretty good. This week's episode was capped off by a great main event between Brian Kendrick vs. Rich Swann for the Cruiserweight Championship. There was a lot of silence for the first half of the match but they did win over large sections of the crowd towards the end so that is a good sign.

Check out some photos of the crowd below:

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