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‘Loud and angry’ Vince McMahon reportedly ripped up the WWE Raw script several times

As noted last night, there were several segments that aired on Raw that were not originally advertised.

The Miz vs. John Morrison had been advertised and ended up not happening. John Morrison ended up facing Omos instead. There was a lot of chaos backstage at Raw and more so than usual.

PWInsider reports that yesterday was one of the “longest” days for the creative team because Vince McMahon was said to be extremely unhappy with what was originally planned for the show.

PWI reports that McMahon “ripped up the script” several times. McMahon reportedly asked for new ideas. Some of those ideas were said to be good ones and others not so good but he rejected all of them before he made the decision on what the new plans would be for the show.

At 6 pm eastern, there had not been an official decision on what would be happening on the show, which likely explains why so much disappeared from the Raw preview page on

PWI cited one source saying that it was “the loudest and angriest” they had ever seen McMahon on the day of the show.

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