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Low attendance at this week's Smackdown taping, Chicago Raw doesn't sell out

The low viewership numbers for Raw and Smackdown are not the only problem for WWE. The attendance at shows is dropping. Fans at the Smackdown taping on Tuesday noted that the entire upper arena was tarped off and half of the upper deck was tarped off at the 10/6 tapings in Philadelphia. They drew just 3,000 fans for the show this week.

The Wrestling Observer notes that the 10/26 Raw in San Diego has sold 6,000 tickets. The arena is set up for 8,500 fans. That is the post-Hell in a Cell edition of Raw. They did draw 10,000 fans in Chicago for Raw this week but they were a few thousand fans short of a sell out even though they announced that they sold out the arena. Chicago is a hot wrestling town but they didn't seem as hot as in the past. Keep in mind that they usually sell out Raw when they are in Chicago. It's hard to use the Chicago Cubs as an excuse because they usually sell out months in advance.

It's obvious that a change is needed and hopefully the people in management react accordingly.

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