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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson on who they’d like to join The Club

The Club might be one of the best parts of the Raw Tag Team Division. They’re certainly unsung heroes for sure but their time in the limelight might be coming once again very soon.

Gallows and Anderson recently spoke to Daily Mail where they opened up about how they’d shake things up if they could. They also discussed how special it still is to do their things in WWE.

The two were asked which WWE Superstars they would like to see join The Club next. “Sasha Banks, she could manage us! That’s what so cool though, you could even go old school, I mean everyone knows our history with Finn Balor and some of the other guys from our time in Japan.”

They were asked about what their future goals might be and Karl Anderson replied: “We’d like to be the Tag Team Champions again, we’d like to walk into [WrestleMania] as champions again, that was such a cool moment that you can never take from us.”

Luke Gallows had a similar sentiment and the former Imposter Kane went on to clarify a little bit about how it would feel to be Raw Tag Team Champions once again. “Walking down that ramp with our belts above the ring, feeling that wind blowing. Can still see it all, John Cena and Nikki Bella were warming up before they went out there, we came back through the curtain and there Triple H getting pumped up before he went out. That was cool, that’s the dream being on that show with all those guys there.”

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