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Luke Harper preparing to leave WWE by trademarking new name

Luke Harper

WWE Superstar Luke Harper appears to be on his way out of the company in a few months and he is preparing for his exit by trademarking his non-WWE name.

Harper, real name Jonathan Huber, trademarked the name Brodie Lee on November 26. That is the name he used on the independent scene before he signed with WWE.

As we've written about in the past, Harper's WWE deal was set to expire around this time but the company added extra time to his deal to make up for the time he was out while injured. Many people in the business expect him to leave and eventually sign with All Elite Wrestling. He has friends in AEW and he is highly regarded as one of the most underrated workers in the business today.

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In fact, Arn Anderson had a lot of nice things to say about Harper on a recent episode of his podcast. You can click here for more on what Arn had to say about Harper.

So, once he is free is clear from WWE, it looks like Brodie Lee will be back. He would also be able to use that name for merchandise purposes.