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Madison Rayne doesn’t think Impact and Mae Young Classic are comparable

Madison Rayne has made it known that she doesn’t believe that Impact Wrestling and the Mae Young Classic are comparable. She should know considering that she worked for the promotion and then WWE’s tournament.

In both, she’s found success as Rayne has held the Impact Knockouts Title 5 times. While competing in the Mae Young Classic, she was eliminated in the first round after losing to Mercedes Martinez.

During a recent interview with Interactive Wrestling Radio on Wrestling Epicenter, she spoke about various topics including Impact and Mae Young Classic being comparable due to both being filmed at a soundstage.

“No, not really. (laughs) For me, there was so much more emotion. The last 5 years of my career have been so unpredictable. You know, I obviously took time to be a mother. And then, coming back, and I could b wrong saying this. I think I’m the first female to have a successful career on television to have a child and then come back. That was uncharted waters that I was coming into. I didn’t know what that was going to look like. Then, fast forward a couple years and kind of breaking out of that Impact bubble not knowing what was going to happen. After 13 years, for me to finally stand in the ring and look at the turnbuckles and see the WWE logo, there was a lot more emotion invested in it for me. So, I guess yeah physically, the sound stage feel was the same but it felt really big in a different way.

Not to take anything away from Impact. There were moments there that felt like they were going to be my Wrestlemania moment for me. It was just different. Maybe for me it is because I spent so much time with Impact. I was there for 9 years! For me to finally do something with WWE and not just a dark match or extra work but ti be a part of something as big as the Mae Young Classic, it felt bigger to me!”


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